Semir Worku | Ethiopia | January 5

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The Bumi

In habited the land south of the Omo National Park  are around 8000. They occasionally invade the southern plains when fodder or water is scarce.

the Bume are agropastoralists, growing sorghum by the Omo  River as well as  fishing  and rearing cattel .They also hunt and smook  bees  out of their hives for honey . Known as great warmongers Cattel.They are regulary doing battel with the Karo ,the Hamer and Surma the Bumi use scarification for cosmoticc purposes ,tribal identification and as indication of prowess in battle both men and women use littele pointilles or dots to highlight their eyes and cheeckbones.The women also scarifay their torsos with curvilinear and geometrical deigns.


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