Semir Worku | Ethiopia | January 5

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Hammer tribe

Are people, who occupy the eastern part of the lower Omo Valley, are known for the typical hair style of their women which is thoroughtly covered in a mixture of grease and red ocher coloring, Hammer women are some of the most elaborately dreesed women of region. They are also famous for their ritual of leaping over the bulls, a ceremony to determine whether a young Hammer male is ready to make the social jump from youth to adulthood and for the responsiblties of marriage.

Bahir Dar

Bahir DarBahir Dar is located on the southern shore of Lake Tana from where excursion by boat can be made to the Lake’s islands and peninsulas as well as to the “TissIssat Falls” (the most spectacular waterfalls of the country). The Blue Nile River draws its strength from the large reservoir—Lake Tana—set at 1,830 m above sea level. The Lake includes more than 30 islands and peninsulas, most of which are home to ancient monasteries decorated with wonderful wall paintings from the 12th to the 20th centuries. Among these multitude of monasteries, some can only be visited by men.

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